Through the employment of ultra-low temperatures, Kryospace helps its customers improve many different types of products by improving the molecular structure of an object, resulting in products which last significantly longer and perform far better than they did earlier. Our proprietary process uses Deep Cryogenic Treatment, for which we have developed an advanced, plc system for reliably treating materials used in multiple industries throughout the world. Kryospace specializes in the science of cryogenics and we manufacture various liquid nitrogen (LN2) based cooling and freezing systems to perform what is termed as deep cryogenic processing.

We treat metal components and parts at minus 193 degrees Celcius to improve their properties. PLC technology allows us to regulate temperatures to 1/10th of a degree, accurately adjusting temperatures optimal for proper deep cryogenic treatment (or “Cryo-Treatment”) in accordance with the mass of the object we are treating. By reducing the temperature of an object to around -193ºC, we aim to restructure and rearrange its molecular structure. By rearranging the molecular structure of an object, and realigning the molecules so that they become more uniform and evenly distributed, we are able to change various properties associated with the material such as its wear resistance, toughness etc

Deep Cryogenic Treatment allows for a significant increase in abrasive wear resistance and durability for many metal-based objects. There are also a few other materials which benefit from the process and we’re always experimenting with companies around the globe to see if we can help improve all sorts of products. The increases we’ve seen in tensile strength, toughness and stability may couple with the release of internal residual stresses for different components, and some metals respond better than others. The typical end results observed by our clients include increased product life, increased durability, reduced breakage, easier cleaning abilities, reduced rusting properties and some very specific enhancements that are a few advantages of our treatment. Many changes are dependent upon the type of steel or metal used in a product, in addition to how a product was formed or created.

Our one-time, irreversible treatment lasts for the life of an object and improves the entire structure, not just the surface, giving you an unmatched improvement over any other heat-treating or cold-treatment methods. We offer treatment options for a wide variety of different products in several industries.