Why Deep Cryogenic Treatment With Kryospace?

Our mission is to provide consistent and repeatable cryogenic processes that our customers can rely on every time.  We are able to accomplish this by differentiating ourselves in these key areas:

Premium Quality

Our focus on quality starts at the moment your material arrives at our works and ends with a final shipment inspection as performed by one of our trained technicians.  You can be certain that your parts are being treated with the highest quality standards from start to finish.

Quick Turnaround

We run a cryogenic process every week!  Starting every Wednesday / Saturday morning at 5 am with return shipment of your components on the following 4th working Day.


We offer services at the best possible and most economical processing charges. Charges are the most competitive in today’s cost-conscious industrial trends

Our Deep Cryogenic Treatment

Kryospace uses a proprietary  Deep Cryogenic Treatment profile that utilizes ultra-slow ramps rates and stabilization stops throughout the entire process.   In addition, we also perform the industry’s longest holds at -193 ºC, with a minimum 24-hour soak at that temperature.

Statements of Compliance

We validate all of our Cryogenic Treatment cycles to determine that all process parameters have been met.  A Process Certificate will accompany all standard cryogenic treatment orders that we process on a weekly basis.  This is just another way to make sure our customers know they are getting the best possible service.

Processors For Any Size Part

With multiple cryogenic processors in the house, we offer the flexibility to cryogenically treat parts of almost any size or weight that a customer may have.  Since we have many cryogenic chambers, this gives us the ability to match most customer sizes and volume requirements.

Custom Temprature Profiles

Kryospace offers custom cryogenic processes for a range of advanced applications. Kryospace has completed work for Indian Government agencies, universities and private industries.  We will work with you on creating a profile to meet your cryogenic processing needs.